25 Most Inspiring Quotes on Productivity By Successful People.

You know what you want in your life and also what needs to be done to get there. But you are not there yet because procrastination often sets in your mind and actions.Now you subconsciously press the Esc key  to avoid your goals in life. And so you escape to a video game or a movie or WhatsApp or simply by doing easier and less important tasks. Me, too! Been there, done that. You know distractions are dime a dozen.Well, today I won’t be sharing any tips that helped me to minimize my own procrastination. Instead I’d like to offer 25 most inspiring quotes on productivity by successful people.

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10 Quick and Actionable Hacks for Productivity.

1 Mind Over Mattress

Successful people start their day well before 6:00 AM.We know that wasting time on bed has never ever done any good to anybody.You are least distracted in the morning. There are no friends calling you, no sms and in fact no nothing. It’s only you. This makes room for things that need your attention. The things that you couldn’t manage to get around like me time, exercise etc.

A quick tip on waking up: Go to bed early [remember you have to have enough sleep for  6-7-8 hours] do it gradually or heck! do it suddenly ; it works .Remember don’t sleep your life away. Be in control and create the lifestyle you desire to live.

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