10 Quick and Actionable Hacks for Productivity.

1 Mind Over Mattress

Successful people start their day well before 6:00 AM.We know that wasting time on bed has never ever done any good to anybody.You are least distracted in the morning. There are no friends calling you, no sms and in fact no nothing. It’s only you. This makes room for things that need your attention. The things that you couldn’t manage to get around like me time, exercise etc.

A quick tip on waking up: Go to bed early [remember you have to have enough sleep for  6-7-8 hours] do it gradually or heck! do it suddenly ; it works .Remember don’t sleep your life away. Be in control and create the lifestyle you desire to live.

2 Focus
Making something worthwhile requires focus. Ability to focus on what matters most is a precursor to super productivity.“Focus is an important topic. Why do you want to stay focused? If you cannot focus, then you cannot be productive and you cannot get any work done. Then you’re staying in place in your life, or you’re sliding backwards. You’re not moving forward the way you want to”,  says  Leo Gura a coach for personal development and founder at actualized.org.
Sit down and identify your distraction. Is it hunger? Is it email? Is it your cell phone ? Is it twitter ? or is it Facebook? You got to eliminate distraction and just focus on one task. Work in block time. Set off 60-90 minutes  blocks throughout your day. Where you sit down and work on a task and you do nothing else.You don’t do multiple tasks at a time.Take a break after such block to rejuvenate.
3 Prioritize
You must be doing everything that it takes to move forward but somehow you are not doing it which makes it worse. You will struggle to stay focused.Deal with the  highest priority tasks first . The tasks that will produce the most value for you, that will produce the most positive results for you. Make a to do list that contains what is your highest priority task to the lowest priority task. Take around 2-3 hrs completing a task just going down the list. Once you are done with a task in 2-3 hours then you take a break. Where you walk away and where you are mentally detached from your work.
“Prioritize your tasks to get a clear sense of which activities in your life are moving you forward, toward your goals and toward important things, so that important things don’t suddenly become urgent”, says Tamara Myles a Certified Professional Organizer® and Productivity Consultant for individuals and corporate clients, including Anytime Fitness and Best Buy. She is the author of The Secret to Peak Productivity. 
4 Clarity.
Clarity gives you a sense of control and it gives you reasons to follow your life with motivation. What if you wanted to go for brain surgery?
If you are seeking a service and if you need a brain surgery would you want a guy who does everything under the sun? The one who does foot surgery, he also massages , he washes your car and BTW he also does brain surgery or would you want a guy who literally specializes in that specific thing and  had executed 2000 successful brain surgeries?  Well you know the answer.
5 Do it now.
“Do it now. Then it’s off your mind, and you can fully focus on the next matter.Deal with it only once” policy works for three of the most nagging aspects of everyone’s day: email, meetings, and requests for help. Answer all as soon as they come up and get them out of the way” , says Leo Widrich  co-founder of social media sharing app Buffer.
6 Not-To- Do List
A universal truth  we always forget is that there are only 24 hours at our disposal.In order to get more done  we must resort to  managing our time with a different outlook.
Don’t try to manage your time by getting more done in less time and add more to your plate. Sometimes you can get some things done by others. Pay to get your car washed. This will free your two hours of your weekend which can be used elsewhere.What can you stop doing? Make a Not-To-Do list.
7 Batch low value tasks
If you have a few errands to run, or quick phone calls to make, do them in one hit. For example, rather than going to the grocery shop 3 times a week, make a list, just go once and buy in bulk if you need to. Answer emails twice a day. That way I’m not interrupted from doing more important tasks.



8 Pareto Principle
Pareto Principle
Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto observed that 80% of income in Italy went to 20% of the population. It is now one of the most followed  principle in business and life. People apply it to a myriad of examples.
80% of your profit comes from 20% of your clients. 80% of your business comes from 20% of your employees. You spend 80% of your time with 20% of your acquaintances. 80% of your sales come from 20% of your products.
Can you identify your 20%. Which activities are the crucial activities and which are the ones that add no or little value to your organization?
9 Meetings
“The only goal for a meeting is to decide and commit” says Fred a Philosopher of Leadership and Organizational Development at LinkedIn. The meetings shouldn’t be to discuss, to review, to present or to think etc. Meetings are only meant to decide and commit. Also the meeting should have an end time.
10 Jot Down Your Goals
Get everything out of your head and onto paper. This way, your subconscious mind won’t be reminding you about it every other second. You don’t have to believe that it works to do it. So go ahead and just do it. It’s worth it.What is your favorite productivity hack that you use on a regular basis? Would love your comments to get the discussion going.

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